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Oriana Falconé


I have best job in the world!


I get to meet and work with all kinds of amazing and wonderful people from those who disire to get better, fitter and stronger. Others come to me post-rehab to help get their body fully functioning after an injury.

I love nothing more than seeing my clients develop and reach their goals month by month.

I am passionate about working with a mindful approach. Dedication, consistency and optimism is key in getting results.

The coach client relationship is a journey that we work on together to get clients to form better mental and physical habits that will take them on a new path to changing thier health for the better - long-term.

Work with a client is more than me taking that person through their paces and to their next physical level. I like to closely monitor my clients progress thoughout each session and update and make changes where necessary as we go alone.

As women age we go through so many changes at variable degrees and so I always adapt with the client on their personal journey.

My fitness journey began at the age the tender of 13 where I started becoming more aware of my body. I knew I could eat better and do better for myself, physically. So, I set about making some serious and positive changes to my lifestyle.

Dance had always been a passion. I joined up at a local dance centre and was hooked. Late into my teens I then started hitting the gym and doing some aerobics classes.

I noticed huge improvements in many areas of my life just from working out regulary. I had more energy, my focus was sharper, and I felt great in my body.

It was when I attained my fitness goals that I realised I wanted to help others to achieve and experience what I was experiencing out of living a healthier lifestyle.

I wanted to learn the ropes, get qualified, and become a pro so I could work with and help as many people as possible.


After qualifying at London Central YMCA in 2003 I continued teaching for 20 years in the city. 

I made progress through the years attending many CPD (continual professional development) courses to refine my expertise where I learned to teach a broad collection of different fitness disciplines within the industry.

I particularly loved my education in learning specialist knowledge I.E Special Populations and Exercise for Older Adults 

When I reached my mid 30's my body was changing, again. It was at this time that I found a new appreciation for 'Calm' classes and 'intelligent movement'. This new way of working out was becoming more important to me than 'killing it' at every workout. That is when I certified as a Stott Pilates coach.

Pilates was becoming ever more popular, and it was a welcomed new way of movement for my body where years of hours-upon-hours of teaching was beginning to take its toll.

This is what led me to start my own Pilates business.


Falcone Pilates has had a steady growth since its launch in 2012. I feel fortunate to have many devoted clients' that stated out with me then, as well as my new ones who all embraced the changes made forcibly necessary by the pandemic in 2020 where we moved into our cyberspace studio, which still goes strong today.

Many of our customers came appreciate the convenience of working out at home at their own leisure saving time and money from not having to travel to and from classes.

I still love every minute of teaching today, and now have the best of both worlds in working virtually as well as face-face with locals.

Ultimately, as long as I am seeing progression and satisfaction in my clients I am content; and most importantly, so are they. 

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