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I have been with Oriana a long time now.

Her knowledge of her subject is excellent. Her attention to detail is second to none.

She takes time to get to know each and every client.

As a teacher myself, I know how important differentiation is.

We are not all the same. Even on Zoom we are part of a very special class. Love it!



An Excellemt Pilates Class!

I have attended Falcone Pilates for over 7 years and I really benefit from my classes. I generally start the class stiff and aching and always come out feeling much more relaxed and with increased flexibility. The group classes are run to suit the needs of the attendees. We all have different levels of ability and the exercises are adjusted to suit our individual flexibility, aches and needs.



I was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to particpate in the first of Oriana's online Pilates classes.

It was easy to set up and it only took me a few minutes to become fully focused and forget what strange times these are. Oriana is a first class instructor. She has a professional manner but is also very warm and engaging.

She offers personal attention even in a group session and I feel very safe in her care.

I can't recommend this venture highly enough and will definitely be taking part agin next Thursday. Join us if you can. 



Oriana is brilliant and I couldn't be without her! After 7 years of one-to-one lessons with her she continues to tailor exercises to my specific needs and keeps my programmes interesting. She is always professional and delightful and that hasn't ever altered now I am on Zoom. I couldn't recommend her more highly. What more can I say? Catherine.



Oriana changed my life!

I have been having one on one, and before that group matwork sessions with Oriana and she has made an enormous difference to how I look and feel.

I have problem posture and hips and I am now finding myself pain-free and much stronger and straighter after the work she's done with me. I wouldn't be without her!



Not easy to put into words ... but a blessing to have met her.

Since meeing Oriana just over 8 years ago I have made vast improvements in managing my problems with her ability to be sensitive to the needs of my aging body!

I started out as a group member at one of her local classes in London and enjoyed the interation with class members.

I felt completly safe in Oriana's hands with all her experience and knowledge as I have lifelong back issues.

I wanted a more focused class for my body so I decided to try private classes and have never looked back.

Since Oriana relocated during lockdown we have continued our private sessions online. I like them because I don't have to travel and my class is designed around my own needs.

I think it's important to have rapport with an instructor who can be sensitive to your needs and give you support. This is what I get from her ... in spades!

We continue with an ongoing professional relationship to this day.



Highly recommended professional service.

Oriana has given me the strength and confidence to start doing exercise again after a very long break, gently building up my core strength.

It was a delight to be trained by her. She is super professional and knowledgable and lovely company as well.

Highly recommended.



Grateful participant!

I have been attending Oriana's classes for over 4 years. Where she goes .... I go!

She is an expert in her field, her classes are never under-prepared or boring.

As a PE teacher I recognise that her classes are excellent.

My chiropractor recommended Pilates and I have never looked back. I certainly would not be playing tennis to the level I do unless I took part in Oriana's classes.

Her attention to each individual during the class has always impressed me. Go for a couple of 1:1's and you won't regret it.



Oriana has been my Pilates instructor for 6 years.

She was highly recommended to me by my friends at the tennis club when I developed back issues in my 60s.

I was immediately impressed by her professional approach and knowledge.

She works one to one with me and encourages me to progress at my own pace, constantly reviewing my programme so that I get the very best out of it.

Oriana has such a lovley personality and I always look forward to my sessions with her.



I attended Oriana’s Pilates classes in Ealing for several years and also had some individual classes with her and can recommend her highly. The classes were a good mix of stretching and meditation and left me feeling very good for days after and contributed to my well being”. Jeff, Ealing



Fairly unfit + no longer in the first flush of youth I nervously approached Oriana well over 5 years ago. Oriana rose to the challenge!

After many one--one sessions, not only I but my family and close friends are knocked out by how much stronger, confident and happier I am.

Damaged by nearly 40 years of insulin-dependant diabetes, I have to go carefully. Oriana respects this and tailors my sessions accordingly.

Oriana is a true professional. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone, at whatever stage of personal fitness. They will, I feel sure, find themselves transformed as I have been; and only for the better!



Healthier and happier!

I was despairing of how to cure my back problems with years of bad posture.

Oriana designed a Pilates programme specifically for my needs and I have seen a great improvement in my back and my general health and fitness. Not only does she have the expertise to know exactly what exercises you need, but she regularly varies the routine to bring you to new levels and prevent you getting bored.

At the same time, with her outgoing personality she manages to make her classes fun and I always leave feeling healthier and happier.  


I had a naturally rounded back and stooped, made worse by years of computer work. I dreaded being the humpbacked old lady!

One to one Pilates with Oriana has rescued me from this fate. She know exactly which exercises I need for my particular problems. I now have a much improved posture and am generally stronger and more toned. I had never enjoyed any sport or exercise, but, to my surprise, I found her classes fun and started to look forward to them.

I have now joined her group classes on Zoom and am always amazed how she knows everyones issues, and gives variations on the exercises for every individuals problem.

Every class is a different routine, so never boring. The time just flies by and before we know it it is time for the blissful and well-earned relaxation/ meditation at the end. I cannot recommend enough.



Oriana is brilliant!

I intended to do just 6 one-to-one sessions, and am still doing them 3 years later! She tailors the class to the individual and varies it each time so it's never boring. I always feel better for going to her and would recommend her unreservedly.



Exceptional Pilates Teacher!

I have attended Oriana's classes for the past two years and found her to be an exceptional Pilates teacher. Always friendly and punctual she is outstanding at adapting her courses to suit her clients. Once you have experience her classes you will see the difference. I have an additional gym membership but still always attend Oriana's Pilates classes. Try it you will not be disapointed.



Very good experience and expertise.

I have experienced and still benefit from Oriana's Pilates skills.

My wife has had 1-1s with her since 2016 and was greatly benefitting from her sessions so she recommended me to her.

I myself have now been with Oriana for a few years and have no intention of giving up my weekly Pilates fix with her. 

She tailors sessions to meet your requirements.

She  makes changes and keeps it interesting, and is always very positive and friendly.

I am sure my back has been strengthened and my health improved as a result of her work.



Good for Health & Fitness & Fun!

I have been attending group sessions with Oriana for about several years. Her classes have helped me enormously with my general health & fitness.

My balance has improved which I think helps prevent falls as you get older.

Oriana's classes are different from week to week and are never boring, and it is good fun. as well !!!


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