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Stott Pilates at Home

What is Stott Pilates?

Stott Pilates is a comtemporized Pilates method which aims to gain strength from learning to work from the spines neutral position.


Pilates is intelligent movement working from a proper initiation of the deep muscles through a comprehensive body experience, and great for everyone. It can help us to help gain muscular strength, tone, flexibility and control.

Our classes at Falcone Pilates Studios are developed to educate our clients about their body, how better carry the body through functional movement and to generate power and freedom throughout daily activities. The more we use our body well in class the more we use it well outside of the classroom.


Using the Stott Pilates 5 Priniple Method we bring awareness to Neck, Pelvic, Shoulder and Ribcage alignment as well as conscious attention to Breath.

Essentially, a typical class will draw on many elements such as Concentration, Centring, Coordination, Stamina, Aligment and Rhythmic flow.

Pilates can be incredibly relaxing in providing a space for the body to rejuvenate, and release stress and tension. Working with the breath alone has its power in oxygenating the blood, stimulating the parasympathetic nervours system to calm the mind, body and even the digestive system.

How can Pilates better my Health?

Pilates gives us a deep muscle body workout. Here are just some of the benefits that comes with regular practice:

  • Increases core stability and strength.

  • Can help prevent injury through heighten awareness,improved balance and coordination.

  • Develops positive alignment and increased mobility.

  • Increases ROM (range of movement) and flexibility.

  • Allows for pressure free movement on the joints.

  • Enhances body awareness.

  • Can help reduce menstrual discomfort.

  • Improves mental clarity though focused controlled breathing/ movement.


Fitness, stretching practice, group of two attractive fit mature women working out in spor

I have best job in the world!


I get to meet and work with all kinds of amazing and wonderful people from those who disire to get better, fitter and stronger. Others come to me post-rehab to help get their body fully functioning after an injury.

I love nothing more than seeing my clients develop and reach their goals month by month.

I am passionate about working with a mindful approach. Dedication, consistency and optimism is key in getting results ...

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